The Joke Thief

The first Frank D'Angelo film of the post-Barry Sherman era is approximately one-third stand-up acts (including Ed the Sock!!!); one-third a Socratic dialogue between Frank and an Uber driver (Sugith Varughese, giving easily the best performance in the movie) that was obviously filmed in one long take; and one-third flashbacks showing us unremarkable moments from the life of Simon McCabe (Frank), a would-be comedian who never got his break.

Hilariously low on tension and stakes, and almost bravely shoddy. It's fun to see Frank back filming in Toronto after several movies in Hamilton (although he somehow makes Toronto an even less convincing surrogate for New York).

A mind-melting experience, recommended to all Fangelos and Frankophiles. If Frank thinks this is a releasable movie, then there's clearly no stopping him - and I for one am glad.