The Way of the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon

I’ve probably seen this a half-dozen times. I’ll probably see it a half-dozen more times. Bruce Lee didn’t make many movies, so you take what you can get. This is the only completed movie he directed, and thus the only one that is completely an articulation of his personality and ideas. It has the iconic Chuck Norris fight - a small masterpiece of both athleticism and visual storytelling. And it has a sizeable number of indelible Bruce Lee Is A Cool Guy moments. 

The parts where he’s not fighting? Yikes. Most of the opening scene isn’t even in focus. It would have been nice if Bruce lived long enough to make a few better films.

I like how Bruce and Chuck let each other stretch/warm up before the big fight, and how Bruce says a little prayer over Chuck’s body. Class.

Fight choreography is credited to Bruce Lee AND Unicorn Chan. The latter was the former’s boyhood friend, and I was not surprised to learn that this billing was: a favour.

“In a world of guns and knives, Tang Long is respected wherever he goes!” - closing line

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