Batman Begins ★★★★★

Batman Begins is a damn good film and I think someone could honestly convince me it is better than The Dark Knight. Unlike the Batman movies that came before and have come since, this was a very well done origin story to the character. I thought it really did a good job of serving where Batman/Bruce Wayne is coming from and his own personal motivations. The story alone is a great one, with so many just great relationships that set up the dark knight/rises perfectly. Bruce Wayne and Alfred are perfect in this movie and that relationship, I think you could argue is at its best in this movie. Wayne relies most on Alfred throughout this film and that is the key to their relationship. The villain Scarecrow is an awesome one and that character should get the next Joker like else-worlds spinoff. The city of Gotham was also really well done and this felt much more authentic then the other incarnations. The cast all pretty much nail it: Bale is the picture perfect Batman in this. Cillian Murphy is Scarecrow and not a single actor could have played it as good as him. Liam Neeson was also good in his villainous role and his character had a great arc. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine both did stellar as the two people who are sort of Bruce Wayne/Batman mentors. Gary Oldman also does such a good job as Jim Gordon in this and sets up his trilogy arc greatly.Katie Holmes did a fine job, but Maggie Gyllenhaal did just such a better job in the sequel. The end of the movie also is iconic and sets The Dark Knight up perfectly. A great movie and I think the best origin superhero movie ever, and one I absolutely recommend.