Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco ★★★½

I think that Donnie Brasco is a good, but not great gangster film. Both leads are great, this is the type of role I prefer Depp in verse his more eccentric weirder roles. And you can't really call a movie a gangster film and then not have Al Pacino in it. I thought they both did a great job in their roles and the story was just great. It was awesome to watch Depp infiltrate this world and thrilling to watch him risk his safety in every scene. The decisions his character must make are the best parts of the movie and it makes you wonder what you would do in the movie. Even though Pacino did a really good job, I think he was miscast in the role. Micael Corleone would never be this naive and open himself/his crew open to this guy. I just think that there could have been better options out there to cast. Some more moments here and there that drag the movie down a bit, but still a very good movie that I would recommend.