Hustle ★★★½

I respect the Hustle of serious Sandler. Adam Sandler is truly one of the biggest movie stars of all time, especially in the comedy genre. However, like a lot of other comedic actors, his schtick just got old after a while. You can only watch the same actor do the same thing for so long, and outside of Punch Drunk Love, Sandler just always did the same thing again and again and again. And sure Happy Gilmore is a classic, but the rest of them I would probably just classify as stinkers. But then he started to do something else sort of recently, starting with the supremely under-talked about The Meyerowitz Stories. And then followed that up with the much talked about and acclaimed Uncut Gems. I'm hopeful that with this and then some of the stuff he has lined up, that the roles/movies he picks continue to be more serious adult type movies.

I would also say that I am somewhat of a target audience for this type of movie. I love watching the NBA and I am a massive fan of front office type stuff. While not as good, I found this to be to scouting what Moneyball was to like running a team. And Moneyball is probably one of, if not the greatest sports movie of all time, so pretty high praise being compared, even though once again, just not as good. I think if you are either a basketball fan, or even just a fan of sports this movie will really scratch your itch.

Where this movie falls short though is really in two areas. First and foremost, the lack of Cleveland Cavalier players or even mentions was highly disappointing. For god's sake if Mo Wagner is able to make it in, then any Cavs player should easily have been able to make it. Secondly, this is a pretty formulaic sports movie. The aforementioned Moneyball thrives in being more than just the prototypical sports film. This was pretty by the colors if compared to other sports movies before it and other sports movies that will come long after it. While it might not have been a slam dunk of a movie, I would still say that this is an easy layup of a film that people will enjoy.