Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★

This is a much needed improvement of the 2017 (Joss Whedon) version of the film. Much of the film, I would say the first 75-80% was pretty much the same. A lighting and aspect ratio change to it, but the overall substance was very similar to the 2017 version. They did add in some more backstory for characters (specifically Cyborg), but overall it just felt like a drawn out 2017 version. It had some (a lot) more slow motion scenes and throw those out of this and you could cut out a half hour of a long 4 hour runtime. It was also hard to get excited about scenes, when you have scene them (or at least something very similar) before.

However, the last 20% of the movie was different and much better than what was in the 2017 version. The addition of Darkseid towards the end of the Steppenwolf fight added a lot that was not in the 2017 cut. It was able to give me one of my favorite scenes of the film with Flash. That scene in general added to the excitement I have in seeing the Flash movie. Also the Nightmare scene at the end of the movie was epic and something that should be so much more hype than it was. The reason it can't improve the score on this movie for me, is because, there won't be a sequel. Zack Snyder and WB has come out and said that this is the end of the line. So much of the scenes that were added and completely different than what we saw in 2017, they don't really matter, because we will never get the payoff.

Each character really gets a scene or two to shine, but none of them stick out and win the movie. It seemed like a lot of their scenes are actually supposed to set up their solo movies. Some of those movies we got/will be getting in Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. However, some Batman (Ben Affleck's version) and Cyborg we won't get, so once again, hard to get overly invested in their stories, when I know this is the end of the line for them. Then characters like Deathstroke, Superman, and Joker (especially Joker) had some really cool scenes and I hope WB/DC can continue to use them in future projects and use this as a launching off pad of what people want to see.

Finally, I want to talk about Zack Snyder essentially getting a redo button on this movie. I think it is a bad idea to just start letting directors release a directors cut of their movie and add so much to it (this is double the time of the original movie). We don't need to see different cuts of disappointing movies like Thor: The Dark World or Suicide Squad (2016) just because this will have huge numbers behind it. However, I think that Snyder is an exception to everything I just listed above. He really had his movie taken away from him and if this came out instead of the 2017 version, then I think the DC universe is completely different going forward. My score also would be higher if I didn't have the taste in my mouth of the 2017 version. Hopefully, the number one thing that comes out of this film, is that it shows the studio executives to butt out. They aren't the artist behind these films and you wouldn't tell da Vinci where to paint, so don't tell a director what he/she can't have in their film (within reason). That is where the Snyder cut can be a success, in changing the narrative going forward, instead of trying to restore the past.