Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

As I can imagine with most people, losing one of my senses is a true fear of mine. I can only admire those people who have had to go through things like loss of hearing or losing their sight and were able to pull through and find a coping mechanism. It's nothing but inspiring.

As for the film, I thought it did a great job of showing a short glimpse of someone's journey through such a difficult and life-changing time. Riz Ahmed was brilliant. He had a Ryan Gosling, The Place Beyond The Pines, look which was great. I think the one thing that stood out for me was the long silent scenes. I feel like from a filmmaking standpoint it's a really daring thing to do but they managed to make it work really well. Those scenes really captured the feeling of the character and made you feel that even though being deaf is incomprehensible to a person that can hear, you can get a somewhat idea of what it could be like. Especially with the ending, those scenes also helped you realise that thankfully, they can find peace with it.

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