Tenet ★★★★

I’m going to go as far and say that Christopher Nolan has done it again. This may not be his best film but it is easily one of his greatest achievements. Technically it’s incredible. The editing, the cinematography, the stunts were done to perfection to help put the mental concept together.

One of the main things that stand out to me the most is the performances. Everyone was brilliant. I was so incredibly surprised by John David Washington. His fight scenes blew me away. He’s one of the very few actors that I’ve seen pull of a convincing fight. He was brutal. Kenneth Branagh was too good. I’d say he provided the best performance. He was a true “villain”. Elizabeth Debicki surprised me too. I haven’t seen much of her but she was great. And how can I not mention the upcoming legend and the greatest Batman that we’ll ever see, Robert Pattinson. He was obviously really good. Can’t wait for his upcoming films. 

I did have a couple of issues with the film though. Even though the score was really great, it was way too loud. So loud I couldn’t hear a lot of the dialogue. Especially when people had accents, I had no idea what they were saying. I also found it a bit confusing at times but that’s more of my problem than anything. Like a few of Nolan films, they get better as you watch it more. You learn more and understand it more, especially when it has somewhat of a complex plot/storyline as this one does. 

Overall, it’s a good watch. Certainly not his best but definitely worth it.

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