Broken Flowers ★★★★

Broken Flowers is a movie who look like an Alexander Payne's film than a Jim Charmuch's film; the dry humour, idiosyncratic characters, and hyper-realist storyline, and feeling of near decadence and banal reality of its characters. This film is very different to any movie of Jarmusch career as Down by Law or Dead Man did, but in the fact, it's not so different than anything he ever produced. Bill Murray plays the middle-aged man who receives a pink letter about the fact of one of his ex-girlfriends tell him that he have children, a boy with no name as told on the letter and get ahead on this crazy road trip to find him. This film is one of greatest films of Jarmusch career, if it's not the best, but not essentially my favourite.

Bill fuckin' Murray is good here playing some kind of modern Don Juan, even when he denies this fact to his friends and lovers, your character is some kind of silent guy, who spoke and say too little but many things is been told in your facial expressions, and sometimes is very similar to his character played in Lost in Translation. He plays a very modern Don Juan , and the picture put his mark, and represents what kind of people, he is; your name echoes this Don Johnston; barely being one, he denies its own nature; after years of having affairs with women, now he has to find the women who could change your lifetime forever, and give it the right reason to live.

And your old lovers; women's, girls will echo your path to known deep what kind of man he already became this Don Juan; every of his women have a bit of himself; some women as Sharon Stone is a single woman who known nothing to do with your life but change the people's clothes for own delight, or an old girlfriend who cares to help some poor animals to lead them to some right road to life, these some two kinds of examples of women have become after Don John have left her hearts. This feeling is been present in every of these women even when it's not all they are aware of this fact; as Tilda Winston who meets with Don with angry and a harsh bittersweet mood on him.

This road reveals to Don who truly is, he doesn't realizes this fact, as in the sweet moment is when, he's at the flower shop after being punched in the face by some Winston's crook friends, he buys some flowers ,and Sun Green, the shop clerk attends him, and put some decent band-aid on his broken face, you can witness some paternal feeling inside of him; the feeling to be kind and touched by somebody else, one of my favorite moments of the film. This fulfils him.

As all the end of road reveals some surprises, Don witness one who could give him further step, and meet his possible son, but nothing give him this feeling, everything is so mess-up that he lost the touch and the kid run away from him confused, this show finally the Don's heart, an heart full of doubts and no ends to an man that nothing but do is to watch some stupidly Don Juan's film version in black-and-white while your former girlfriend packs your bags and moves off out of his house forever, and he found lost and alone reading some pink letter in your own empty house.


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