Burn After Reading ★★★★

Fucking CIA man... Fucking CIA man...

Jesus Fucking Christ this will be my most LOL review by far.

John fucking Malkovich is so all over the place, this time, in the fact everybody this time is ALL over the place.

The most humorous film of Coen brothers by far, more than Raising Arizona or The Big Lebowski, I mean the movies are so damn funny, but this is so damn fucking surreal, everybody is so crazy human being and inside of this shit storm of mankind...

...No character is normal or rightful or deserves to the credit of care. They all a bunch of assholes who gather in this shit storm of madness.I believe that is the less surreal or genre movie, is the craziest and full of the madness of their cinematography. Everything is plausible and believable. But with a bit of insanity.

My damn one of favourites of Coen brothers by far.

Fucking CIA man... Fucking CIA man... Fucking CIA man...

Jesus fucking Christ!

Just a fucking and random rant and full of heat take after the film

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