Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★★


Less you speak. More you say.

There is no greater solitude than that of the samurai unless it is that of the tiger in the jungle... Perhaps...
— Bushido (Book of the Samurai)

1) Tigre Dans la jungle

Jeff Costello smokes his cigarette, and the title appears and one or two are said information on the screen, it's Saturday night and is. And that's enough for us. Le Samurai has a story and a simple and minimalist plot as everything else is. From the little dialogue that is spoken only 9 minutes and 58 seconds exactly and the first line is: Jef? - What is good to have a few dialogues can give a quick attention to the story and concept that appears if Jef walks down the sidewalk, and then you came with the unpredictable path until it runs it’s so calculated murder, and is what he does, and was the motto of his plan that makes the story from growing and tell us: Less you speak. More you say - and that's what all characters live this world with intrigue and disconcerting silence. Police search for traces a suspect and trap the tiger this story.
And the cops as good as the tiger, which made me love this, even more, silence and intelligence of the narrative scope. For example, the long sequence by searching for suspect we feared for Jef and how cold and calculated plan can go under water. Melville calculates and punctuates these moments so well. Jef is not the only Tiger this code of Bushido, is only one among many.

- What do you think about Jef Costello?
-I think nothing.

A good opponent requires a strong response. From now on it would be so that the story would follow. Is one of the most beautiful and admirable concepts of a film can bring. Good and rich characters to such an equally rich story.

2) Scénario en noir et gris

The lights are white at the new fluorescent bulbs made in the 50s bringing a cold and stark visual narrative is beautiful and elegant to watch, and not just one of the remarkable examples of this cool plastics and fascinating work of art direction. Is a noir with white lights? Not only does this make a copy of noir style, gives a palette of mystery and suspense, is a fashionable style for the film.

Grey, white, black and sometimes a blue you can see if you pay attention, are the greatest colours and fashion elements of the characters. The clothes, objects, scenarios, cars and people are represented in a stark, cold and beautiful way to monitor in detail. Jef, for now, uses this monochromatic style, rain jacket beige, grey hat and a black or blue clothes, a striking silhouette. As I said: the look of a well whopping coherence for this film. In a moment I thought that the story is a stark filmmaking a parallel with the 50s: the era of white lights and stylised cars: Citroen, brought a profound and stylish and making it one of the most influential in the history of cinema

3) le Samouraï: Jef Costello face of an angel

The samurai as so they named as it is the soul of this simple and to the point, and I can also say that I envy this guy, and I understand him a lot, is methodical, cold and great calculating, and also a perfectionist; a rich and simple character much more than you think.

Note for example when he breaks into that beautiful Citroen and puts all grey keys in the car seat. And looking to the street, and puts the key in the ignition and people walking through the window grounded by rain. One, two ... four keys and ready, and the car is running and stolen. Jef goes away and is a true samurai at best and rigid method. One of the best characters in the history of cinema, one of my favourites next to Driver from Drive.

Complex, rich and simplistic to watch, the damn guy with hat and raincoat, and a beautiful face, is the definition of cool to the extreme!

Perhaps he's so tiger at all...

I've tried to do a review who's also very similar to the narrative and summarises the detail which I looked and amazed me; calculated and methodical, it's very long but also my intention to give some inner look in this wonderful and also perfect film is.

Definitely worth to watch, and also will be forever in my top films which I love. Melville, you're such blood brilliant film-maker! Fuck me!

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