Once ★★★★★

What a deeply, gentle film we have here. John Carney created a delicated story about the pursuit of dreams and love. Once is a simple narrative story, counting only with two lead protagonists, nameless and real to follow. Played by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová are two humble peoples who suddenly met each other and enjoy their love for music.

The film is not ambitious in what proposes, only is here to tell a story of dream and music, if I said love at the beginning, it's because it jours too much of a past feeling from the protagonist, in every song he sung about her ex, and his sudden affection by the Girl. Also the love for the music, or the natural love that the Girl has for her mom and daughter. The love doesn't burts here like in the another films, is gentle and affectionated, it well told by the songs, beautiful songs that sparkles wonderful emotions about this feeling. They're strong enough to tell to what the lead feel. The music is warm and sweet to hear, as we drank honey falling down upon our chest, it does touches our heart. Is either about a past love that lied for us; or about hope in listen your voice. The boat never sinks when we listen a good whole hearted music, because is the music who leads us deep way home.

Thanks to Carney that films this story with real heart, with their camera that almost sounds documental to watch; the digital camera plays well to show us the journey of the leads to make their dreams happens, to record a simple song to make their lifes more less ordinary.

The cheap is cheap, but the feeling is that we have a film that costs more than sounds to be. Safely taken by the lead, Hansard, who plays a cool light-hearted guy, gentle with romantic heart to compose and share the truth of his sentiments; Irglová, a sweet candle smile girl, who lives a cheap life, while gifted by their voice and piano playing, share with him her passion for something also real and modest in the streets of Dublin.

It was a such nice ride film, a film that gave me a powerful life changing experience for this rough week. It's good when a film can calm you down, when has nothing but love to offer to you. To me is big enough.

Thank you, Carney.

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