Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

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I'm starting to fully realize that this year of 2021 has been Zack Snyder's year and I cannot be any more prouder for this man right here as he is having a helluva year so far making movies. First, there was his highly-improved and marvelous vision of the Justice League and now, he is going back to the zombie genre in which he hasn't done since 2004 when he created his bombastic yet awesome version of Dawn of the Dead. From the ghetto alone, I never thought that Army of the Dead could get even more crazy from scene one to the finale, but it did and it was a blast of a movie. Snyder did a great job directing it and shot the hell out of it. Even though the cast may not be well-realized as the entire crew in Aliens, the writing may be simple, and the runtime may drag on at certain segments, Army of the Dead is still a joy to watch. Then again, when you have a bloodthirsty and dangerous infected Shere Khan, but white, you know that the creature would be totally worth seeing for the price of an admission.

Grade: B-

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