Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★★

Watched it at my very First Drive-In Movie Theater

Man, it feels great to be back in Hogwarts again! Harry Potter was the Shit during my childhood years. Me and my two cousins would go down in my grandparents' basement and we would play the main trio of characters. One cousin, Kimberly would play Hermione Granger. The other cousin would play Ron Weasley. Finally, I would play the Chosen One who has the courage, bravery and destiny to overcome many obstacles and try to defeat the creepy Volde...............OOPS!!! I cannot say his word 5 times. Otherwise, I will be brutally defeated by the powerful evil.

Me and my two cousins would embark on countless adventures as how the movies were presented on film. Such FUN Times especially as kids!!!!

On my way home from my first drive-in movie theater experience, I was thinking for a few minutes on how I should rate the film that started the magic. Originally, I still want to keep my 4.5 rating, but after a long thought, its NOW a 5/5! I've also came to appreciate it a bit more with my own young adult eyes and wound up loving it more and more the more I think about it

The Magic Begins Here!!!!

Grade: A

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