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And back to the infamous Saw franchise that JUST WON'T DIE. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh! Well, I'm only saying yeah, but not in a very enthusiastic way because of how much I freakin HATE this movie. What a surprise, right? Yes. What a piece of crap Saw V was!!!

Just like its previous entry, Saw IV, this cringeworthy fifth installment still continues its trend of not only scratching out the basics of what made the modern-day classic so good which were logical sense and smart story-telling. But in HERE, all of that was pretty much thrown out of the fucking window and were replaced by illogical sense and upgraded torture porn scenarios to make this unwatchable and so unpleasant. By the way, I only got one word: buzzsaw. Once I saw that Jigsaw test, my stomach got so twisted in such a bad way that I had to take a break because I could not believe what the fuck I saw and god, what a disgusting and tough watch that scene was. No joke, this torturous device of a film feels like straight-to-DVD and its not even funny. As soon as the mid portion of the film was done, I already knew that it wasn't gonna get any better from there with no hope whatsoever.

With the amount of uninspiring twists, more bloody shock violence for the sake of shock violence and one-dimensional story-telling that makes no goddamn sense, Saw V continues its downward spiral, even hardcore fans would find this entry so tough to get through when binging the Saw franchise. That's how LOW this franchise has gotten up to at that point. But, I guarantee it won't be as bad as the next two films I'll be tackling tonight. Gotta strap myself in for one ride of a Saw binge for sure!

Oh man. 3 more to go!!!!

Grade: D-

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