The Descent

The Descent ★★★★★

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Almost 15 years later, The Descent still stands the ultimate test of time as one of the greatest horror films that has ever been created by man.
Neil Marshall directed the hell out of this intense and adrenaline-rushing horror masterpiece from 2006, one of the best years in film. How the HELL did you went from that to Hellboy???
The Descent represents its strong female protagonists as believable and well-realized characters that you always have your eyes glued to the screen because you want them to survive inside the dark, claustrophobic caves. One of the best representations of female empowerment in any horror film ever and has one of the best final girls ever as well.
Speaking of caves, the atmosphere and set designs alone are some of the best I've seen in any horror film. Its on par with John Carpenter's The Thing, atmosphere-wise.
Then comes the creatures themselves. Oh boy! Are they terrifying?! The way I can describe this creatures is that if you take Gollum from Lord of the Rings that makes Predator-like sounds and have the superpower hearing of Batman. Then, you put them together and you get these horrifying things.
The sheer tension during the intense chase sequences were so well done that I was on the edge of my seat every time a surviving soul has to face off against fear inside the darkness of the caves.
Overall, Happy 15th Anniversary, The Descent! Cannot wait to visit you again this Halloween Season!!!! HorrOctober 2021, here I come.

One of the absolute GOATs of modern horror!!! SO GOOD!!!!!

Grade: A

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