Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

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Welcome to Guy Ritchie’s answer to Michael Mann's Heat, but not on the same level as Mann's masterpiece however (still need to catch up on that one). Wrath of Man still was able to not let its foot off of its gas pedal once the action starts rolling. Guy Ritchie did a good job stepping out of his normal style he's mostly known for and jumping into telling his dark and BRUTAL story of revenge in the heist genre.

Jason Statham is still a bad-ass as usual as he portrays his character really well. Let's all take a moment to appreciate him as a capable and likable action star, even though he may have his fair share of stinkers in his career. Its thrilling, gritty and so much fun to watch. Every gun shot I heard sounds legitimately realistic. The film was able to showcase its presentation in both small and large scale at the same time and it worked out. I wouldn't be surprised if Wrath of Man was born from his father figure, Heat. But more importantly, I wonder what the mother figure would be.

Grade: B

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