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  • Gummo
  • The Wicker Man
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Leolo

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  • The Thomas Crown Affair

  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

  • The Yearling


  • Death Wish

Recent reviews

  • Rambling Rose

    Rambling Rose


    Nostalgic reminiscences about the South (of the US) in the Depression era. A man looks back on his coming of age as a boy when a beautiful, sensual young woman comes to work at his house. Yes, fairly conventional storytelling but the script is terrific and it looks great.
    The (in)famous scene between Laura Dern and Lukas Haas is exquisite - beautifully written and played and very natural.
    Laura Dern has never been better than in this.

  • Blonde Death

    Blonde Death


    Miniscule-budget, shot-on-video amateur piece that looks and sounds awful. But there's some intelligence behind the heavy-handed satire and the longer it goes the funnier it gets (in a good way). The actors throw themselves into it enthusiastically and there's some nice guerrilla filming along the way.

Popular reviews

  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back


    Part 1
    So no whitewash here. Peter Jackson just lets us see exactly what happened. This is The Beatles' winter of discontent in the cold, cavernous, poorly acoustic Twickenham Studios. The songs are barely more than rough demos, everyone's niggly and grumpy, only Paul seems to have any enthusiasm for the project and even he's moaning about getting no support. But there are still snippets of joy and camaraderie and the genesis of some fantastic songs.
    Don't know what it's…

  • Wilderness


    You know, sometimes you decide to watch one of these avant-garde shorts on MUBI that tells you it's 'a cinematic meeting point between nature and technology'...and then you wish you hadn't bothered.