I try to update my favourites list regularly with a new theme.
Current favourite films are....favourite 'sibling directors' films.

Favorite films

  • The Kid with a Bike
  • Miller's Crossing
  • Padre Padrone
  • Bad Tales

Recent activity

  • Despair


  • The Rachel Papers


  • Once a Jolly Swagman


  • Ennio: The Maestro


Recent reviews

  • Despair



    Hermann Hermann (an excellent if mannered performance from Dirk Bogarde) is a Russian émigré with some Jewish roots, living in early 30s Weimar Republic Berlin where he is the wealthy owner of a chocolate business.
    Hermann is a cold, unsympathetic character who treats his wife Lydia (Andréa Ferréol) with a mixture of lustful voyeurism and disdain, but does not seem to, or perhaps chooses not to, notice his wife's affair with her cousin Ardalion (Volker Spengler) which happens in front…

  • The Rachel Papers

    The Rachel Papers


    British teen sex comedy from 1989 based on Martin Amis' 1973 novel of the same name - his first. The film updates the action to the late eighties so we see Dexter Fletcher, as Charles Highway, push a floppy disk into an early personal computer while talking directly to camera, as he does throughout the film (à la Michael Caine in Alfie).
    Really they should have changed the title to 'The Rachel Files' as Charles keeps the information he has…

Popular reviews

  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back


    Part 1
    So no whitewash here. Peter Jackson just lets us see exactly what happened. This is The Beatles' winter of discontent in the cold, cavernous, poorly acoustic Twickenham Studios. The songs are barely more than rough demos, everyone's niggly and grumpy, only Paul seems to have any enthusiasm for the project and even he's moaning about getting no support. But there are still snippets of joy and camaraderie and the genesis of some fantastic songs.
    Don't know what it's…

  • Spellbound



    This is the one where Hitchcock mixes Freudian psychoanalysis, a Salvador Dali designed dream sequence and beautifully creepy Theremin music to produce a wonderfully melodramatic psychological suspense murder mystery thriller.
    Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck make a fantastic couple in love, even if he is an an amnesiac, possibly schizophrenic, imposter and potential murderer.
    Apparently there were a lot of production problems and disagreements during filming but it turned out great and was a big box office success.
    Also features the shortest ever colour sequence in a black & white film (blink and you'll miss it).