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The Mad Max franchise, all derived from the eccentric mind of writer and director George Miller, is like nothing else around. With its bondage cladded characters and high octane action, each Mad Max film stands alone, but connects with the overarching story following the nomadic Max Rockatansky in an increasingly post-apocalyptic distopia. Each entry grows more and more wild and imaginative than the last, adding to the dust, the shiny, the chrome. Though the original trilogy gathered a sort of cult following among fans, the addition of a fourth film, Fury Road, has certainly driven the franchise into critical acclaim.

As a kid, I knew these as the movies that my dad loved, but aside from Tina Turner’s memorable appearance,…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    1.Mad Max: Fury Road


    Mad Max: Fury Road is the jump start this franchise needed after 3 decades of quiet. It is a visual feast on wheels, spitting octane right into your face with strong female characters, mythological overtones, incredible stuntwork, editing, cinematography, makeup and costume design and prop and automobile design, an intense score, and absurdly fun action all wrapped up in a simple but tightly woven story. It's a near perfect film experience, with Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, the true star of the film, as the badass icing on the cake.

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  • Mad Max 2

    2.Mad Max 2


    Take everything you loved about the original Mad Max, magnify it, and the result is Road Warrior. As is usually the case with sequels, the origin and set up are out of the way, allowing the movie to just go full throttle. Max and everyone around him are all already mad. This movie just lets them loose upon the decaying world. It is high energy from beginning to end, with some of the more iconic characters from the franchise appearing here.

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  • Mad Max

    3.Mad Max


    I'm not sure anyone expected for the Mad Max character and series to go where it has gone when this first film was released. It's unconventional and out there in the most beautiful way with outrageous stunts, outlandish characters and the beginnings of a world gone mad. It also has a lot of heart and establishes the entire franchise’s motivation and purpose.

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  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    4.Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is like an actual Mad Max film meets Hook. It easily could have been the end of the franchise because of such the drastic thematic departure. Even still, its performances and characters are top notch and the action is still fun. It's not a bad movie, just the lesser of the Mad Max films. But we don’t need another hero anyway.

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