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The Conjuring is yet another horror franchise from the mind of James Wan, hot off the heels of his previous success, Insidious. The series follows the Warrens, a couple of supernatural investigators, played by the equally capable Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who find and protect haunted artifacts. Because of this general plot of collecting these items, the franchising of the stories is really inherent here, showcasing the anthology theme that is a staple within the horror genre.

With sequels, prequels and spin-offs filling out the details of this world and its haunted heirlooms, The Conjuring franchise is tailor-made to successfully go on and on, and display a diverse compilation of horror stories. Or, as things unfortunately seem to go, it might just be another way to show the same old horror tropes already seen in the later films of James Wan's other popular horror franchises.

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