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STUDIO RANKED: Walt Disney Animation Studios (Features)

Walt Disney Animation Studios, formerly Walt Disney Feature Animation, has definitely had its ups and downs over its 75 plus year history. Through it all, however, the studio has managed to stay at the top of its genre, telling captivating stories through stunning animation the likes of which no other company, especially early on, could pull off, all the while pioneering new and interesting ways to get the job done.

From Snow White's fearful run through a dark forest to Elsa's transformational creation of her ice castle and beyond, Disney is almost a century deep in celebrating animated magic, both within its films and in the making of them.

There are 4 dramatic films in this list.

  • The Lion King

    1.The Lion King


  • Bambi



    On its surface, Bambi is an adorable story of animals in the forest. This is certainly true, but it goes much deeper than that. Disney's Bambi is the universal struggle of growth, learning, love and acceptance. Seasons pass and ultimately life turns to death, creating the natural cycle. With a mysteriously unseen villain that is a commentary all its own, Bambi might be one of the most serious films to come from Disney. And it's all set against some of the lushest, most beautiful background paintings to ever come from the studio. Its a truly endearing and important film.

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  • Tarzan



    Unfortunately oft-overlooked, Disney's Tarzan tells the already well-known Edgar Rice Burroughs story with the fluid action that can only be accomplished through animation. Never before, and not really since, have you seen this character swinging from vines, battling majestic animals, or sliding across tree moss quite like this. It's Deep Canvas design, and overall styling, feels so organic, despite all the technology it has taken to make it happen. This creates a whole encompassing, lush world that allows the story to unfold and intensify in a new and natural way.

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  • The Fox and the Hound

    16.The Fox and the Hound