Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

So here's the deal. I was excited for Suicide Squad like everyone else but held off on seeing it for a long time due to all the terrible buzz. I finally went to the movie going in with an open mind but still with low expectations. So here's my reaction:

Suicide Squad is not the disaster most people are calling it, in my humble opinion. However, it's still not a very good movie and just another example of wasted potential. What should and could've been a fun, clever and fresh take on these characters is instead a film that feels more like a confusing, badly edited, tonally uneven and awkwardly unfunny version of Guardians of the Galaxy. It wastes a perfectly talented and fully committed cast on such a poor screenplay that just doesn't make these characters or story that compelling. Other than its fine performances, entertaining action set pieces and a nice visual aesthetic, this film is mostly underwhelming. I'm still excited for Wonder Woman and Justice League, but as of now, I'm keeping my expectations low for them.

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