Battle Royale ★★

Battle Royale is a Japanese film from 2000 that has English subtitles. It's funny. The DVD, for some reason, defaults to Korean subtitles. But I'm like, "Why is this Japanese movie subtitled in Japanese?" I found out it was Korean when I switched the settings to English.

Anywho, Battle Royale is the Japanese version of Hunger Games. There are a bunch of teenagers in a battle to the death on a remote island. It's pretty bad. It feels like a Godzilla movie. Ridiculous acting. Silly special effects. Dark, high-contrast visuals. Bad.

The movie references, way back in 2000, the website:, for Battle Royale. But they didn't grab the domain or they did and let it lapse. Weak!

I was recommended BR by a student. Dop. Worth a try, but...
Not a good movie.