Body of Lies ★★★

This is a good drama/action movie. Beware, my standards are low! The movie is exciting, but the plot is nearly identical to Spy Games starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Here, Redford, the spy mentor, is played by Russell Crowe. And Brad Pitt, the talented young spy, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Both movies are set in the Middle East, deal with terrorism, have lots of action and preposterous plots, and the lead spy falls in love with a woman along the way. (shrug)

But who cares? Leonardo and Crowe are great. There are lots of shiny things on the screen, and these things often blow up. So, Body of Lies is worth watching. The girlfriend in this movie is Iranian and is incredibly beautiful.

This is a worthy action film.
thanks... yow, bill