La La Land ★★★

This is a great movie for date night. Romance for the ladies, and there's enough interesting stuff going on for the guys. The acting is strong by super-hyper-mega stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The plot and the writing is very good. I was interested through to the end even with all the mushy stuff. (ha) It's very funny in parts as well. La La Land is built on a foundation of positivity.

The decision to make this a musical seems interesting to me. First off, the singing and dancing parts are important, but it's a small percentage of the movie. Second, the BIG stars aren't very good singers or dancers. They're just OK. But that weakness is overcome by how well everything else in the film is put together. And singing and dancing aside, there's no doubting the screen presence of the two BIG stars here. So, everything works really well.

La La Land is great for a date. The ladies will likely hand out more stars than I have here. La La Land is worthy. A good movie.
thanks... yow, bill