Star Wars: The Force Awakens ★★★

The new Star Wars is a good movie and is worth seeing. There's a lot of "inside stuff" for extreme Star Wars fans which didn't really interest me much. Also, I think Star Wars fans are so grateful that the movie isn't terrible like the second trio from George Lucas. And you have to tip your hat to the Star Wars marketing lads for creating a HUGE buzz. For me, it was a fairly typical action movie with lots of CGI craziness that isn't very smart or deep.

We went out after the movie. My brother Mark is a Star Wars Head, and he told me about the expansive plans for the Star Wars franchise going forward. It slowly dawned on me. The Star Wars movies are going to be very similar to Marvel's Avengers series. The typical movie will be: low-plot, low-character, high-action, kind of dumb movies that are extremely popular. We saw 2 Avengers movie previews before Star Wars that fit this profile exactly.

SWTFA = 3 bill-stars, worthy.
yow, bill