The Lobster ★★★

The Lobster is a bizarre and unique movie. It's also pretty entertaining and dramatic. The two hours flew by. WAY WAY out there and interesting... so give it a whirl. The Lobster is a worthy 3 bill-stars. It's funny, I had a similar reaction to Anomalisa earlier this year (williamt review) and gave it 3 bill-stars as well.

I won't go into detail about the movie. There's too much weirdness to summarize. The basic setup has 3 parts: The City, The Hotel, and The Loners. So, there's the city where only couples can live. If you get a divorce or can't find someone, then you're sent to the hotel. And at the hotel, then you have to pair off, find a mate, or they turn you into an animal. And then there are the loners who have escaped it all and live feral existences in the forest. There. Got it? (ha!)

What's it all about? What's the point of the movie? I don't know. Finding a partner is hard? Some people make their choices based on superficial similarities? Um. I'm going to google it up for a few minutes after I save this review. But I like The Lobster.
thanks... yow, bill