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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    This is my sixth or seventh viewing, but I think I've been sleeping on Wes Craven's first slasher masterpiece until just now.

    Watching it for the first time in years made it feel fresh like it never has. Craven wastes no time in establishing his high concept, and Nancy's nightmares go from unsettling to high-octane with each passing setpiece. There's something deeper and darker than cackling movie monsters here, something about the silent pact shared between adults, the stories they…

  • The Day of the Locust

    The Day of the Locust


    This is the prequel to a Hieronymus Bosch painting, excavating the lost souls of 1930s Hollywood like a career coal miner hacking away in the deep recesses of an unforgiving earth. Hollywood attracts damaged, obsessed people, some talented, others deluded, still others bottom-feeding on the dashed hopes of fragile egos. They're like flies trapped in sticky paper, locusts dreaming of soybean fields and tall stalks of corn, unaware that there are millions more just like them with the same exact…

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  • Some Kind of Wonderful

    Some Kind of Wonderful


    Eric Stoltz is not believable as someone who can fix my car.

  • Fire in the Sky

    Fire in the Sky


    More horrifying than the abduction scene is the filmmakers' insistence on padding the rest of this with Hallmark movie cheese.

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  • A Terrible Night

    A Terrible Night


    Writing more than a sentence about these shorts must take an embarrassing number of graduate degrees.

  • My Ghost Dog

    My Ghost Dog


    This dead dog spends an hour and a half trying to get this kid's step-dad laid.