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  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


    Dollars to donuts RDJ is relatively spectacular.

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    Excellent. So impressed with the talent of the cast and these two top-tier marksmen in directing and screenplay. What’s noticeable is how convincing the film is for its amount of impromptu, but Fincher + Sorkin deliberately and with subtle mastery unfold their scriptchild this way. Sorkin made a musical flowlike dialogue that layers and compounds and intensifies. Fincher really does his best visual work even in the smallest of frames, in and out creating the riches of Harvard. 

    Ironically, the…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    First impressions: Indiana Jones totes a high-tech raygun to hunt down the A.I. Hannibal & 80's Harley Quinn. 
    There seems to be several Savior complexes worked in late such as the nail pierced through one of Roy's hands & the dove ascending out of the other at his point of death right after he saves Deckard's life.

  • Colossal



    Thanks to Jason's crushing wife Olivia Wilde for the introduction to the film. It’s a clever and weird story and the characters are played by an always well-acted Sudakis and an always welling-up Anne Hathaway who somehow find themselves controlling 'colossal' sized play toys; basically its a vicarious dual that takes place in a neighborhood park playground turned battlefield of the sexes. Overall, it was worth the watch while doing homework just to see how they reconcile this strange plot point. 

    Still have yet to see a movie starring Hathaway where she didn't cry.