A Most Violent Year

A Most Violent Year ★★★★★

I cannot name you one movie that I have seen in years that has done what "A Most Violent Year" has just done for me.

The Godfather + The French Connection + everything you love in life = "A Most Violent Year".

J.C. Chandor is killing the game right now. He has crafted a masterpiece. A brilliant, essential, lovely, dark, twisted beautiful masterpiece. The environment of the film fucking swallowed me alive. It didn't just suck me in. IT FUCKING SWALLOWED ME in its brilliance.

I'd list the things that this movie does right, and follow that by a bunch of adjectives to "prove" it to you BUT JUST KNOW that EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. is exceptional. EVERYTHING. is 10/10. "A Most Violent Year" IS perfection.

Of course now everyone will hate this movie but fuck em.

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