Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk ★★★

I hope Eli Roth watches this film and gets reminded again just how much "The Green Inferno" sucks.

Bone Tomahawk is one of the best flat-out westerns to come around in a while and it's a shame nobody gave enough of a shit to market this film. Great characters (a fantastic Kurt Russell and unsurprisingly amazing Richard Jenkins), hilarious and smart writing, that wonderful western cinematography that utilizes the landscapes beautifully, along with some weird psychocannibals at the end. I wouldn't really call it a horror film, though, like most have. Just a western with some savages.

If I had one large complaint it's that every scene and even every shot seems like it could have been 2/3rds as long as it was. The whole film, really. Shots linger for no apparent reason and there's not really enough of a script for it to be as long as it is, no matter how great the script is.

Bone Tomahawk is a good film and is sure to slip under a lot of radars, so give it a watch, especially if you fancy them western pictures.

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