Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

{extended cut}

My theatrical experience watching this film was so dull and depressing that while watching the Extended Cut I didn't even notice a goddamn single difference in the two films.

But I did like it a little more.

...As in, I used to hate it and now I just think it's really really bad.

Perhaps the worst - and worst-acted - super villain in the last ten years of comic book movies.

Saving graces are WSmith MRobbie and perhaps a 15 minute segment in the middle of the film (feat. The Joker). In the rest I think Leto is pretty terrible. Doing way too much.

David? Yeah, over here. Did you give even a little bit of a shit while writing the screenplay? It is actually one of the worst screenplays probably ever written, aside from maybe the work of Neil Breen. Or Derek Savage.

WillML out.

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