Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★★

"I just saw the ad"

Well at least no one told me I was under embargo

Anyways, fans of the breaking of the fourth wall, crude spirit of the original will surely find a lot to dig with this one. I do feel it lacks a bit of that film's freshness and I think that will just go down as a more memorable film for me overall, but this film absolutely maintains that film's spirit and brilliant tongue in cheek dialogue so ultimately I had a total blast. Reynolds just completely slays this role once again, the film is somehow about even 10x times more meta which certainly just makes this experience all the more fun, and the action set pieces are all even more violent, stylish & honestly even better this time around. The returning cast & characters are all great and injected within the plot mostly very well, while Brolin's Cable & Beetz's Domino are well welcomed additions. Most of my issues would involve spoilers, so none of that will be said here, but as a fan I can definitely say this satisfied my hunger and I look forward to seeing more adventures with Wade Wilson.

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