Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★½

"Fast Five" is basically the X-Men: First Class and Casino Royale of the Fast and the Furious franchinse. I almost want to call it a reboot, even if that'd be the wrong to use.

Like those two installments, it took a tiring series that really not many still had much strong interest in, and gave it a new direction (Fast & Furious sort of started going into the heist territory, but didn't go all the way with it). Dropping the racing aspect of the series pissed MAJOR fans of the series off (the whole 10 people that were out there), but they did it for the better. Right off the bat, this movie completely embraces the fact that it's basically a live action cartoon now, something all of the previous movies lacked (as they seemed to think they were making The Godfather), delivering one hell of a ridiculous fun and unforgettable opening train sequence. But, the fun never stops there, as we're introduced to such a charismatic and goofy fun team of likable criminals lead by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker of course. The chemistry between these guys are undeniable, and criminals or not, you're on their side. But, you know that saying that a certain something was the best thing since slice bread was invented? Well, that applies to the addition of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to this cast of characters. This guy walks away with every scene he's in, and the showdown between him and Diesel doesn't disappoint in the slightest (it makes those fights between Bane & Batman in TDKR look like nothing). Kudos has to be given to director Justin Lin in particular, as each scene here is impressively and wonderfully crafted, the bank fault sequence at the end never ceases to amaze me.

This movie really contains everything a fan of this series could ask for: unforgettable action sequences, corny one liners (you'll never hear "funderwear" anywhere else), memorable characters, beautiful women in bikinis, and of course fast cars. Oh and there is actually a race sequence for people that say "they never race". Sure, it runs probably a little longer than it needs to (but what part really bored you? Exactly!), the main villain kind of sucks (Reynes that is, I don't really consider Hobbs a villain here), the performances aren't exactly Oscar level, and like I said it's a live action cartoon. But, honestly if this movie isn't at least worth a 3/5 for you (which also means you probably need to stop watching this series to save your time), that tells me you clearly don't like to have a little bit of fun. No it's not The Godfather good, but it's pretty damn good, and I can't think of many B-movies from this decade so far that impressed me as much as this. Oh screw it, I'm not even ashamed to call this a pretty great movie. Oh yeah I said it!

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