Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

It may not break any new grounds for the horror genre, but "Fear Street: 1666" is definitely a satisfying and rock solid conclusion for this fun little trilogy. It does definitely feel a tad uneven and is essentially two different films dressed as one, but I thought the balance of these two interconnected storylines was mostly very well handled. The first half of this film definitely did a nice job in capturing the time period of 1666, it certainly gave vibes of The Witch. Genuinely unsettling and disturbing at points. The big twist midway through did catch me a bit off guard and I felt it was definitely effective in how it really brings all three films full circle. The cast here is really strong, particularly Madeira, Welch, and Flores Jr., and I enjoyed going on this journey with this cast of characters. I do wish the film delivered a bit more on the scares, but as a fan of the genre, it's still definitely a fun ride. I think Part One is still my favorite, due to the soft spot I have for a good slasher throwback, but I had a real good time with all three of these films and definitely see myself revisiting this trilogy down the line. Well done, Leigh Janiak.

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