Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Marvel's most unique and creative effort to date as well as one of their most entertaining films. While, "Guardians of the Glaxy" may not feature the most complex plot, it's still one terrific and exciting adventure. The action sequences are spectacular, the humor is clever and superbly funny (I'd go as far as to say this is probably Marvel's funniest flick to date), the characters are likeable and memorable, and the film just does a perfect job of blending the sc-fi and comedy genres together. The main five leads are also terrific, and ooze with chemistry: Pratt makes for a wonderfully likeable and engaging lead, while Cooper couldn't have been cast more perfectly for the voice of Rocket. As for complaints, the main villain is really weak, and maybe not every joke work (that was extremely rare for me though), but those are real minor issues in a film that is among probably the most fun you'll have at the movies all year, and one of Marvel's best.

This movie also made me fancy Zoe Saldana even more than I already did. So sexy and bad-ass as Gamora, she's truly that rare woman that is just as appealing with Blue or Green paint.

Job well done James Gunn and as usual, Marvel.

Also that after credits scene was hysterical and unexpected.

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