Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Pure blockbuster entertainment at its finest, "Thor Ragnarok" marks for yet another winning addition for the MCU containing such a gorgeous color palette, thrilling set pieces, a lively soundtrack, and is certainly one of the studio's funniest installments overall, while also expanding more on its mythology than I feel its first two installments even did. Hemsworth, Ruffalo, and Hiddleston are as terrific as ever in respective roles, while Cate Blanchett makes for one of MCU's better villains, Jeff Goldblum is Jeff Goodblum, and seriously Tessa Thompson just like stole my cold ❤️ as Valkyrie. For a studio that gets so much criticism for playing it so safe (and sometimes it's a bit warranted), it really felt like Marvel let Waititi a bit loose, and make his own film, even if the formula is still apparent.

As for some issues, the film is often so light and laid back, that the emotional weight can feel a bit lacking despite everything occurring in this storyline, but I was truthfully having so much fun, and consistently had a smile on my face that this issue never really affected my enjoyment at all.

One of the most surely entertaining rides of the year

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