To the Bone ★★★★

"I've got it under control. Nothing bad's gonna happen."

To the Bone was a pleasant surprise for me.

I went into this thinking that it was going to be just another teen romance movie. But what surprised me was that this is actually a truly heartfelt story about a girl trying to surpass her eating disorder.

The directing here is passable, not too good, not too bad, the thing i think that's most noticeable is the cinematography, with some really rood shots and framming.

Overall what holds the movie together are the actors, Lily Collins and Alex Sharp are really good, and a mention to Keanu Reeves doing the doctor, he's really good here, albeit it's not a dificult role, but nonetheless, he's good here.

Overall, To the Bone was a suprise for me, i felt really connected to the movie and it's characters, and the filme thankfully doesn't waste time, it tells what it wants and that's it.

If you haven't yet, go watch this film, it was more than i expected.

- Will Neot

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