Tully ★★★½

"I'm here to take care of you."

Tully is a cute movie.

Is a very well made film, well shotted and directed, but the story is a litlle simple, not that a simple story couldn't make a good movie, and it does many times, but here the story is a little too simple, the movie is 95 minutes long but could be like 80.

The movie lacks of something more interesting happening, the film is not bad by any means, but at some points it feels a little dragged out.

Charlize Theron steals the show here, her acting is superb, but what i want to point here is the child actors, the son and daughter are really good for kids.

I think that this movie converses much better with mothers (and parents as a whole).

Overall, Tully is a good movie, but a sometimes boring one, the acting is great, but the story itself is interesting in the beginning and ending, the middle part feels a little dragged. And when it's cute, it's cute.

- Will Neot

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