Psycho ★★★★★

I'm actually quite surprised just how tense this film made me, from the scenes with Janet Leigh checking the cars behind her, the whole episode at the infamous Bates Motel and of course the ending, this is Hitchcock getting horror just ever so right. A film that gains slight momentum until suddenly certain watery events happen, and then from then on who knows what will happen, but the story waves its way unto an ending with true classic status.

Hitchcock has a pretty fine cast to work with, Anthony Perkins, John Gavin, Vera Miles and of course Leigh to name some but it wasn't the acting that immediately stood out. The shots Hitch deploys are absolutely brilliant, the sets are lit wonderfully and of course the music just sets you on edge from near the very beginning. Perkins is though particularly wonderful as Norman Bates and just yet another example of someone who fits the role perfectly in a Hitchcock film.

Psycho is a movie where you can have seen all Hitch's work or this be your first one, but I feel it can still thrill either way equally. Where as other pieces in Alfred's catalogue may be similarly astounding, Psycho goes to show yet again the creative genius in the man and how he can master horror too.

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