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  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    its probably never going to happen. its something i should learn to live with. moving on would likely be the healthiest thing for us, and i feel that i know it deep in my heart but something still draws me to him, and some part of me doesnt want to resist. its a magnetic force, an adament connection, one that refuses to leave me. someday things will be different, and until then things will keep going as they do, but…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    Warm and intimate. Loved it this time around.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    This is going to be one of my first "personal" reviews in the sense that I'm going to use it primarily as a way to express some feelings thatve been burning up inside me for a while now. Im not going to use perfect grammar, as Im on my phone and im sure you can figure out what I mean regardless. Onto the the "review" now:
    If you are familiar with me and have been for a while, youd likely…

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    Everybody gangsta until Hans Zimmer does the score for Sponge on the Run