In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

its probably never going to happen. its something i should learn to live with. moving on would likely be the healthiest thing for us, and i feel that i know it deep in my heart but something still draws me to him, and some part of me doesnt want to resist. its a magnetic force, an adament connection, one that refuses to leave me. someday things will be different, and until then things will keep going as they do, but until then i feel the way i do so in spite of the rather masochistic nature of my actions i continue to love even though it stings fiercely. a claw around my heart, and a hand around my throat, i speak of it to no one aloud and i write bluntly yet hazily. i hope and i pray, and i live as i lie, because that part of me says its possible, and faith isnt something im willing to toss away for without it, id wander meaninglessly. i wish someday that i shall be able to hold his hands and speak such words to him, but for now, i shout them for those who can hear to witness and acknowledge, cast into an endless web of writings and letters: i love you.
happy valentines day,
Willow ❤

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