Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★½

i was expecting a white gay movie made for straight audiences and boy did i get one. nothing i say is new to the criticism surrounding this film. the age gap was very very uncomfortable and it disconnected me so much from the film. i’m really against categorizing this under the romance genre since none of it was romantic in my eyes. i will say though that if you completely ignore the relationship in this film, you could almost pick out this beautiful coming of age story, following elio’s curiosity, confusion, desire, heartache, longing for love... it just sucks that the central relationship was so poorly and narrowly written. there is no room for misrepresentation in films right now and although this could speak to someone’s real life experiences, i just don’t think it’s a crucial story to tell while others are still waiting for their story to be told in mainstream medias. however, the soundtrack was beautiful and i am completely obsessed with the summer vibes depicted in this film.

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