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This review may contain spoilers.

so happy i finally got to watch one of my most anticipated films of the year. my verdict? well 😳 it’s a bit complicated. this was definitely an engaging film, it was fast paced and had some great scenes and a touch of comedy. i liked most of what it had to offer, such as carey’s SERVE (as well as bo’s!!), the soundtrack that just went OFF, and the fact that this is just something that needs to be talked about! but since this is such a sensitive topic, i think the execution is so important and i expected it to be better. 

first, it seemed a bit surface level and i wish there was just more social commentary and perspective taking! i think the scene with the dean(?) was really good, as well as the line (that they also used in the trailer, i think?) it’s every guy’s worst nightmare, getting accused like that / can you guess what every woman’s worst nightmare is? i just think there could have been more things to say!!!!! but they sadly never went there :( OH AND ANOTHER THING. alison brie’s storyline did not sit right with me at all and it made me uncomfortable for that part of the film until they finally revealed it didn’t happen. i was seriously so stressed out over that 😭 finally, my main critique you could say is that ending. like.........???? i’m still not exactly sure what i think or want to say about it actually, but the one thing that put me off was the fact that the film hardly showed anything in terms of what cassie did to the men in her revenge notebook. (actually, they basically showed us nothing?) BUT THEN THEY GIVE US CASSIE’S DEATH SCENE WHICH LASTED SO. FUCKING. LONG. why? WHY? WHY DID THEY DO THAT?????

as a woman, this scared me and i definitely see it as a horror/thriller film. but since i am not a SA victim, i can’t really say whether this was a good revenge film or not. i do believe it was well-intentioned so with that being said, i guess it’s just entirely up to interpretation. whether empowering for some or disappointing for others, please listen and respect each other’s opinions!!

wait one more thing!!! carey’s wardrobe in this... GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW 🤲

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