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  • The Boy Friend

    The Boy Friend


    The Boy Friend is ingenious filmmaking. Dry and literate, it does for 20s/30s musicals what Day for Night did for New Wave arthouse: both films simultaneously dissecting and epitomizing their subjects. This film is a robustly cloying masterpiece operating in effervescent communion with the world of Busby Berkeley and of Ruby Keeler, surprising you with each consecutive set-piece's ability to define and defy yet another convention of stage and/or screen all while elevating its source material. Rattlingly tuneful, effortlessly funny,…

  • Robin and Marian

    Robin and Marian


    Twenty years after the cancellation of the brilliant The Adventures of Robin and Marian TV series (unceremoniously taken off air half-way through its second season; all episodes, shot on video, were tragically junked by the network in the late 60s), Robin and Marian, a long-awaited, one-off revival special (thereafter labelled by diehards as 'The TV Movie') aired quietly, but far from unnoticed, one Sunday night (on a different network) in the late autumn of 1976. Miraculously reuniting all of the…

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  • The Silence

    The Silence


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Bergman boxset continues. As much as this feels like a Bergman in transition (taking stock, burning off wounds, canonizing and exorcizing et al; note the rainy train window beat taken from his own Dreams), it also feels like an tipping point: he's finally doubled-down one everything so far that it all comes to a head here. No, that's not the metaphor... it's getting small, more distilled, more concentrated, more compact. And in that pinpoint is an infinity, an infinity of…

  • Opera



    Truly disappointing as an opera fan and an Argento fan. Other folks see the film's unpleasantness as a virtue but I can't abide those vulgar heavy metal needle drops (by contrast, the decision to play Rick Astley within 30 seconds of Maria Callas' Violetta is divinely tasteful).

    Verdi's Macbeth is such an inert opera (TBH, the staging here is a dream compared to the bland nonsense ones I've seen of it lately; also, why does no one in the cast…

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Exposes a type of suffering that I never thought I would even start to comprehend.

  • A Walk Through H: The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist

    A Walk Through H: The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist


    The way the maps are interpreted with abstract transience coupled with the supremest specificities (often layered incongruously, though always understandably, atop each other) is the way in which I like to view films. This felt like it could be my manifesto, except with more theft.