• Dark City

    Dark City

    Not top-tier from Daddy Diets but still better than most, plus he's got Victor Milner. Gotta have silent cred folks around to make great movies. The shots from Lizabeth Scott's POV looking down at DeFore playing cards — his hand in focus, his leering face out of it — showcase the type of disorientingly too-real gesture you'd see in silents, now cropping up in a 1950 noir! That's great! Also always great: Dean Jagger. Did not need to spend so…

  • A Night at the Ritz

    A Night at the Ritz

    A programmer to which the great theironcupcake assigns the superlative “one of the most peculiar” is an instant watch for me. I experimented with a review in the form of Instagram story reel (for best results, use phone app or go to my IG profile and start the slideshow from the aNightattheRitz story button). I was stoned.

    If you only see two shots of the movie. One. Two.

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights

    I don't live in The Heights. I live in Inwood. But everyone in Inwood remembers when they were filming In The Heights in Inwood. So there was a lot of Inwood in In The Heights. Like when Jimmy Smits waves to his daughter when he's in front of Floradita (just by 207 St 1 train station; far from "The Heights") and she's in front of Famous Jimbo's and the shot-reverse shot actually matches (except then there's another angle of her…

  • Maybe It's Love

    Maybe It's Love

    Anders Randolf as the romantic(?) lead's(???) dad is the funniest character and he's uncredited (to add insult to injury, he died before it came out! must have been all those pratfalls done him in!)! I like when the movie is briefly a musical because they cut the rest of the numbers but still had to go whole-hog on the title song (no, there's no song called "Eleven Men and a Girl" but I wish they had tried). There are so…

  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos


    Connie Marble: Prepare for trouble!
    Raymond Marble: Make it double!

  • The Flirting Widow

    The Flirting Widow

    WB roasting MGM. I laughed a lot.

  • The Farm of Tomorrow
  • Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise
  • Ladies of the Jury

    Ladies of the Jury

    Edna May Oliver is so beautiful and I hated seeing her have to dance with Ken Murray (most known to modern generations as the guy who shilled on TV his home movies of his actually famous Hollywood friends). He's the worst and she's the best. Some of this movie is good and some of it is stupid. I am glad this film propelled her into the Hildegarde Withers films, but I don't blame her for bailing on RKO (especially when MGM would give her robust legacy project after robust legacy project).

  • The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

    The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

    Very beautiful film. "Trainingstag."

  • So This Is Paris

    So This Is Paris


    A big improvement over his first version of Die Fledermaus. This is funny stuff. You can follow up almost every dialogue intertitle with "get wrecked."

    If you watch with a score, you are missing the rhythms of the images! The Lubitsch touch here is often about doing as big as possible things in the most understated and simple way possible. Look at the opening scene when the actor does his little pantomime of woe. Or Monte Blue's little shrug when crossing the street. If you are listening to scores with your silents, you are straight.

  • While the Patient Slept

    While the Patient Slept

    Glad to finally see Aline and Guy doing their brilliant thing (Enright and Edeson, dynamic as can be) after hating the later sequel. Still got the same convoluted plot about some rich idiots that's impossible to follow, it's just worth waiting for Aline, Guy, and Alley Jenky to get back on screen and give the Warner goods.

    There's a character named "Grondel" but Aline pronounces it grundle.