Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★½

For a 1982 film, the special effects here hold up pretty well. Ridley Scott demonstrates a real talent for creating futuristic yet familiar settings having seen Alien and now Blade Runner.

However, whilst with Alien I found myself to be completely invested and caring for all the characters, I found it hard to really connect with the Replicants. I understand their plight, but the screenplay didn’t successfully convey what they have had to endure excluding an occasional off-hand comment and the opening text. Racheal has the most interesting arc of all the Replicants though, being unsure of her own existence and, in turn, making the viewer doubt whether Deckard is the human he believes himself to be.

But I did love it when Rutger Hauer thought he was a wolf - full with howling and partial nudity.

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