Miss Sloane ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The central premise of this political drama is compelling enough: a high-powered, seemingly amoral Washington lobbyist (Chastain) switches to a small, liberal lobbying group to fight for a gun control bill. It's a pity then that the script is often obvious (plenty of characters telling each other what they think and how they feel) and frequently fantastical, with
everything revolving around the impossible political genius of Miss Sloane. There's something of Sherlock Holmes about it- the film's constructed around watching Sloane work out some amazing solution to a hitherto unsolvable problem, to the blinking approval of muggles looking onward marvelling at her ingenuity and shrinking from her lack of ethics.

Chastain's charisma and ability to deliver lines very fast keeps the film afloat, and the directing keeps everything ticking along nicely, so that even a mildly preposterous final third isn't enough to tip the film over.