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  • Hereafter



    a tsunami hits thailand, but paris is fine.

    there are two films, hereafter and the tree of life, that have interesting parallels: both structure themselves around a traumatic event and the reconciliation there-of. one is steeped in mysticism, the other is in history. hereafter's mysticism therefore compels it to avoid history -- an ontological point declared, the beginning with an act of destruction. but we know why these places get destroyed, we know that acts of god are not really…

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    hoop-tober reborn/31

    i was prompted to watch this again after seeing the original the hills have eyes, felt that i needed to with different eyes. before they were, i was, incredulous, to say the least. i was at odds with any attempt to take this sincerely, at odds with perceiving generally any horror movie as anything meaningful. i was wrong, and i felt it come through this second time around, finally feeling what so many others feel/felt.

    the ontopology of…

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    honestly this was fine, not worth all the negative star ratings i'm seeing mutuals give it. some real stunted cuts that give insight into a troubled but ambitious production but, honestly, i'd watch a sequel for this in the theaters no problem. felt like an episode of power rangers. they also understood too the most important thing: teasing johnny cage.

  • Shanghai Triad

    Shanghai Triad

    a film about structure persisting, and the injustices and the cycles of injustice they produce in tandem. the final shot of the world inverted almost feels like zhang tipping his hand, but it maintains. because the revolution is alive here, the revolutionary spirit that you're left with after the film cuts and you're left with the credits. the anger at the cruelty of these people, the power they wield. all the fantasies break down, about wealth and brotherhood and loyalty. the world is upside down and, you've got set it right.

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