Dunkirk ½

nolan's form is lifeless, sterile. even more egregious is that the sterility goes beyond even that of marvel's product line. this is a tech demo, the image on the screen meant to be played as the background during an industry meeting as proof of concept. look: how real we can make them look now. look at the water; the physics, the depth of field. he has no talent for sculpting time, and this is why we see text on the screen indicating to us separate continuities. we are told our times: one week, one day, one hour. there is one big, large match cut, where all of the continuities merge as nolan remembers he obligated to do something with the form. in this way it's an analytical postmortem, the micronarratives a means to an end, an end which is a pitifully tacked on patriotic hoo-rah, subverted in the expression of the soldier, on the train, reading the newspaper, dwelling in the wait for the war to arrive there, off-frame. a history intangible.

this is the complete and total inverse of the thin red line. absolutely abysmal.

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